Jasmine BurkeCast Photo

Veteran actress Jasmine Burke plays the role of Kia Right, a single mother whose parental rights are challenged. Rather than trust the legal system, Kia relies on a life, tactics and a culture she once tried to leave behind.

Jack MarinoCastPhot

Jack Marino is a fresh face making a huge impact in Birth Right as Miles the loving son who’s searching for safety, direction and the truth.


Stage and screen thespian Christopher L. Morgan is Uncle Xavier.  He raised Kia since she was a child.  But he also trained her to survive any situation.


Pierre Guiteau is Rod Harper.  A high-priced overworked attorney who agrees to help Kia fight her custody battle. He wasn’t ready for the fight outside of the courtroom.

RonaDana CastPhoto

Rona Dana plays the role of Latise Williams.  As Kia’s case worker, it’s Latise’s job to ensure Kia’s rights are protected.

BrianTroxellCast Photo

Voice actor and director Brian Troxell is Lex Butler, a business mogul who always closes the deal and wins.  His vested interests in Kia’s custody issue is purely financial, or so he thinks.


TV and film star Maurice Johnson tackles the role of Raymond, a polished and educated hit man for Lex Butler.


Newcomer Adrien Carney assumes the role of Officer James.  Lex Butler’s long reaching arm persuaded him to help with the legal abduction of Kia’s son.

Robin ShippCast Photo

Robin Shipp, a fresh face in TV and film is Judge Jackson, a no nonsense magistrate who holds Kia’s fate in her hands.


The talented and versatile actress Jenny Holden, takes on the role of Chrissy, Miles’ loving mother who will do anything to secure her son’s safety.


Casey Cooksey is Harold, a local mechanic who helps Kia enter the portal of a world she left behind, but soon revisits to find solace and answers.